Fall MINIS <3

Fall minis started off with a…. RAINY start!! whew. I got the first round of everyones sessions photographed & sent out and now I’m just squeezing all those that got rained out in throughout the next few weeks. BUT— In the meantime here are a few from the first go round :).

Also- sun, if you could come back you would make my photography dreams (or just my fall season) become GLORIOUS!

Maddie is THREE

A lot of people choose to stay away from color and I get that…b/c well, if you were to go look in my wardrobe you’d understand why. All greys, whites, blacks and stripes. I am a neutral girl through and through. BUT, then…you get photo sessions like Maddie’s birthday shoot and it totally makes me reevaluate the style guides I send my clients (and my closet ;)).

Take a look and see all this color come to life from behind my lens…it may reevaluate your way of thinking too. ALSO— when did it become the norm that we stopped getting photos taken for our birthdays? BC I totally wanna do an adult birthday shoot…who wants to volunteer?? :)

Williams Newborn Shoot

There is just something so fun about going to someones home and photographing a family of three for the first time. These guys were so cute and their little butter ball baby William was the most precious thing ever.  He was one of those babies that stayed awake for awhile but then when he was asleep...he was ASLEEP! We got to put him in some super cute poses and captured all the love new mommy & daddy had bursting for their baby. 

So, here ya go...take a look into this fun newborn session shot a few weeks ago :)

The Lauren Tilley

Ok all you mamas out there...this ones for you. Have you ever been sitting in your PJs, hair a mess, teeth unbrushed, coffee not even made yet and your kids are needing every ounce of you? And...you feel like you don't have a single ounce left to give? Well, I've been there. This mama you're about to see...has been there and still sometimes can be right back there.  This shoot was SO fun. I mean, how could it not be? Getting pretty, laughing and spending time just for yourself?  That doesn't happen often...and I sure am glad Lauren chose to do it with me! 

So, all you mamas out there that need a little pick me up...lets do a shoot. To capture all of you...for yourself. To remind yourself who you are deep down...not just a mother, not just a wife..but your INNER YOU! 


The Croissant Fam

 I love a good early morning session.  Everyone thinks their kiddos won't be happy that early in the morning, but I beg to differ.  Bright and early brings LOTS of smiles, giggles...and lets be honest...LOTS of COOLER weather.  Don't be afraid to book those morning sessions...beat the heat and come bring your kiddos to play with me.  I promise you won't regret it! Just take a look below....

Back 2 School Minis

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I've had several of my back to school mini sessions making their way onto my feed.  This is my first year doing back 2 school minis and I was kind of hesitant about doing them.  Going back to school brings so many added expenses already, that I felt a little "off" asking people to spend more....especially when teachers are in dire need of funding.  Whats funny...is that a lot of my clients were kiddos of TEACHERS!! Next year I think i'm going to do them again, but give a discount to children of teachers! They do so much for our kiddos...it's the least I can do! #amiright

If you don't follow me on Insta take a peek at all these cuties who are about to start the new year...AND if you missed out this year, no worries...I WILL be doing them again :).

Raegan's Newborn Session

I love newborn photography. Simple styled poses, cuddling and doting dads. Moms who look amazing after just giving birth. I love coming to your home and seeing the new life you are building. Siblings are excited, babies are snoozing and this newborn session was no different. 

This was the first baby for this little family and you would never know.  These two parents were already pros by the time I was there to photograph.  Raegan was sleepy, milk drunk and totally ready to get her photos taken.  Her room looked like it came out of a magazine and I couldn't wait to capture all the details.  Mom and Dad were sweet, easy going and already the BEST parents to this sweet new baby!  Here is a quick sneak peek on how this little session went...

Couples.... <3

I don't photograph a lot of "couples"...mostly due to the fact that most couples don't get their photographs professionally taken unless its for engagements (which usually comes with a wedding package), maternity shots or they've added kiddos to the mix.  BUT-when I do get to take them...it's romantic, intimate, and you can't help but smile at all the love being put on display...and of course a few silly laughs and stories thrown into the mix! Check out my couples sessions i've taken so far this year... and don't hesitate to reach out if you & your man/or woman wants some photos taken of just the two of you!!

How cute are the Flesher's... they are not only gorgeous, but fun and weren't afraid to get cozy in front of the camera.  The perfect type of couples to shoot...

The Basham's.. now they were that hip couple you see in magazines and you just can't wait to start clicking away.  + add some grain and get that FILM vibe and this couple is golden!

and now for a fun couple with a completely diff vibe...my younger sis and her New Zealand boyfriend! Oh so Young and so in love....

Olivias Fresh 48

Have you ever been sitting in a hospital after having a baby and thinking.. "man, I'm exhausted...but I don't want to miss a minute. I need to take every pic I can"? Well, mamas shouldn't have to worry about those things. There are so many other things mothers need to be doing.  Like, learning to Breast Feed--bc that sh** is HARD!! #amiright.  A Fresh 48 Session is when I come document all the small details, siblings meeting the new baby, and a few posed shots during that chaotic first few days.  So relax, soak in those sweet snuggles, embrace the crazy, learn from the lactation consultants (bc those ladies are a godsend) and let me do the documenting.

Here's a small look into the first few days of sweet Olivias life.  Oh, how much they change in those first few weeks. Brother was somewhat skeptical at first, but warmed up pretty quickly. It was such a joy to meet this sweet family! Enjoy this time and embrace the chaos! ;)

The Tabor Family

Have you ever met a family one time and instantly know they were GOOD?  Just some really good souls?!?  Well, I did..and this is how it felt with the Tabor family.  The oldest son has a smile to light up the room, the baby steals the show and the daughter is shy, innocent and crazy sweet.  It was SO hot at our shoot and not a single complaint from anyone...mama & daddy snuck in some sweet snuggles and the kiddos danced, twirled and laughed their way through their time with me. 

You can tell by every single photo in this session that FUN was had from all.  Big and small I want everyone leaving like they just left their best friends house...not a sweaty, stiff photoshoot.

Who's with me :)!!  Now, take a dive into the fun...

Junker Family Vacation

Rest and Relaxation is good for the soul.  Everyone needs to unplug, reconnect and just enjoy the moment of togetherness.  We took a trip to Mexico a few weeks back and it was quite the adventure... (as most family vacations turn out to be).  The house was perfect, the weather couldn't have been better and besides a couple mounds of seaweed it turned out to be a great get away.  

If you follow me on Instagram you heard about the 24hr flu that took out all, but ONE family member on the trip (whew, thank goodness thats over). You saw us snorkel, cousins playing, & exploring the city all through my Insta stories and posts.  But, for those of you that do NOT follow me...here's a little glimpse into our week in Mexico.  

Enjoy & hope you have gotten to indulge in a little get away with your own family this summer...   


And of course, we had to take some family photos too ;)

The Kapps Maternity Session

I love maternity sessions.  There is just something so special about them. Maybe it's the fact that new life is coming into this world or the fact that you can almost feel the love between the family when shooting.  Mamas owning their bellies, daddies that are so PROUD--you've made a baby in there! How amazing is that? It seriously just melts me. Now, come book a session ASAP so I can gush over you just like I am about these two!! 

Here is a little look into my most recent maternity session.  Her dress is gorgeous, the dad is handsome and the mama couldn't look more radiant.  That pregnancy glow is all around in these pics and I just couldn't wait for y'all to see.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are...do you love pregnancy as much as I do?  If you didn't have your pics taken, do you wish you would have?

Also, you can find this dress at Forever21 (way to go F21..upping that dress game)